Where is a Government?

fdfRainy season is big problem for some people in Jakarta City. Some people must prepare their self to face incident yearly. That incident is blood. Jakarta societies always feel suffering in rainy season, because their house always get  blood fazed every year whereas budget Jakarta government is very much. The big question for us where are government roles to overcome this blood problem and where is big budget for this city?   

Jakarta is one of cities which a more grave in blood because there is not solution yet for this problem. A blood always makes problem to anything both for societies and general facilities.  A blood makes traffic jump, broken houses, damaged ways and sick people. It is cause dirty environment too.

If a government cannot overcome this problem, so what are they doing this a long time? Where are they? Where is that budget very much? Why do they allow their societies suffering? We all do not know what happen in this government. Whereas they get salary from tax and this tax is society money.

A blood cause suffering for many people in this country and until this time there is not solution for this problem especially in Jakarta. We feel very strange because government do not able to overcome it. We feel so strange also because what are they doing during a long time? Where is a budget to build societies welfare? And where is all they?




By :  Ridwan Efendi



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