The Greatest Treasure


Many people think that happiness comes from material. They think that they are happy if they are rich, if they have much money, if they have big house and, if they have many companies. Therefore many people work hard to get it. Even some of them go to a place to look for treasure, they go to a forest and a jungle, they go to a high Mountain and Craggy, they cross over Desert and Ocean, they overcome many barriers and finally they find that treasure. After that, in just short time the treasure will be gone because the treasure is material and consequently every material in this world will be destroyed. If we think, that happiness comes from material it means happiness is periodical, short time and a just few minute.

However In my view, the happiness is non material which is immortal. We all know that happiness cannot be felt by body, but rather by heart. So the greatest treasure in our life is our friends because a friend can give us happiness. A friend can help us whenever and wherever. A friend can accompany us when we are in sadness and in darkness.

There are many questions dealing with friend that must be contemplated by us. To name of few; the first how do we feel, if we do not have friends? The second can we be happy in our life, if we do not have friends? The third whom do we share with, if we have problem but we do not have friends?

Our life will suffer without friend’s presence. We will be lonely in this life if we live alone. A friend in our life is very important because we and our friend can play together and study together. Those true friendships we can help each other and share one to other both about happiness and sadness.

We all know that a smile from our friend is very important, because if we meet our friend in a place and then he/she gives us smile, definitely our heart will be happy because of it. Then if we meet our friend in a place and then he/she does not give us smile, definitely our heart will be sad because of it. So friend’s presence in our life is very obviously.

We will not enjoy this life without friend and on the contrary our life will be perfect in this world if we have many friends. Therefore we must thank to God because until this time God still give us the greatest treasure, many friends. Happiness and friend cannot be separated each other because happiness and friend complement each other. The conclusion from this paper explains that the key of success in our life is happiness and friend’s presence because we cannot live in this world without friend and happiness.

writer : Ridwan Efendi


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